The ANSC Natural Soap Flakes - 1kg

The Australian Natural Soap Companysoap flakes will leave your clothes smelling beautiful and fresh. Free of synthetic ingredient (including fragrance) they are biodegradable and grey water friendly and are suitable for both front and top lop loading washing machines. Each bag contains 1kg of freshly made natural soap flakes and is used by adding one tablespoon to your wash load.

In hard water areas mix the soap flakes with a 50:50 ratio of soap flakes to washing soda to avoid the potential for any soap scum build up.

You can also combine the soap flakes with your favourite essential oils (eg. Tea Tree, Eucalyptus of Lavender) for extra cleaning power and to leave your washing smelling fresh.



Add a tablespoon to your front loader and top loader directly to the load. Can be used in hot and cold water. Also great for hand washing where you can also apply directly to clothes.

Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients.

Also available in a 300g bag.

Palm oil free. Australian Made. Vegan Friendly.

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