Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower - Hand Held + FREE Shipping

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The multi award winning Cullector combines several water saving features into one simple self powered unit. It's a great Australian invention made from chrome plated brass and designed to save water, power, money and the environment without sacrificing comfort.

Features include:

  • Collect it. Collect up to 5 litres of the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time.
  • Use it. Use the collected fresh water to create a stronger fuller flow.
  • Shower timer. After 4 to 5 minutes all of the collected water has been used and a gentle pulse in the shower lets you know time is up.
  • Pause. You can pause your shower at any time to soap up or shampoo without needing to adjust the taps.
  • Low flow. Experience a full flow shower and only use 7.0 litres of water per minute.
  • Easy DIY. It’s super easy to install, no drilling and no plumber required.
  • Savings. Saving water, money and the environment was never easier or more affordable.


    The Cullector™ is an easy no drill DIY retrofit. Everything you need comes in the box including the handheld shower head, hose, swivel elbow, mechanism, bottle, decorative backing plate and plumbers tape. The Cullector simply attaches to your existing shower outlet. No drilling and no plumber required.

    Mechanism details

    The Cullector™ mechanism is milled from dezincification resistant Brass, Chrome Plated and finished to the highest possible standards.

    Reservoir details

    The Cullector™ reservoir holds 5 litres and is made from a transparent, lightweight, household detergent and abrasive resistant plastic.

    Hand held shower details

    The chrome plated ABS single function hand held shower provides a firm, full rainfall pattern. The rub-clean, corrosion proof spray diffusor is ideal for hard water areas where mineral deposits can be a problem.

    Hose details

    The Shower Hose is high quality chrome plated stainless steel and Australian WaterMark certified.

    Outside Diameter 17mm

    Internal Hose EPDM

    Internal Connections DR Brass

    Internal Diameter 12mm

    External Connections G1/2" Chrome Plated Brass

    Length 1.5m

    WELS Rating 3 Star 7.0 L/min. License number 1210.

    FREE Shipping within Australia only.

    The Cullector is also available in an Overhead model.

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