by Laura Trotta August 23, 2018

If you’ve been wondering if you can compost dog poo or cat poo (or any other pet poo for that matter!) you can!

In this post I’ll uncover how to easily compost dog poo so you can keep your yard looking nice and your rubbish bin poo-free!

Like many kids of the 1980’s hardly a day went past when I didn’t play with my sisters in our backyard. We had great fun creating memories, but what wasn’t fun was dodging all the dog poo. We had two dogs; a Border Collie and Labrador, and boy did they poop!

It was our job to pick the dog poo off the grass (with long BBQ tongs) and place in buckets. Once the three dog poo buckets were full (which didn’t seem to take long at all), they were emptied into the rubbish bin and sent to landfill.

Why Compost Dog Poo?

It always seemed odd to me that human poo is directed to a sewage treatment plant, whereas pet poo typically ends up in landfill (or gets washed into our creeks, rivers and bays).

Have you ever seen the warnings in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne not to go swimming on the beaches after rain and wondered why? That’s because of elevated concentrations of E.Coli (a bacteria found in faeces) in the water. These spikes of E.Coli concentrations are caused by large amounts of dog poo entering stormwater drains during rain events and flowing out to sea.

Composting your dog poo has many benefits to you and the environment.

You’ll keep the smelly poo out of your rubbish bin, keep poo out of landfill and our waterways and be able to quickly and safety break the poo down into your soil profile in a matter of weeks.

How To Compost Dog Poo

Composting dog poo has been made super easy thanks to the EnsoPet Pet Waste Composting Kit.

EnsoPet is an innovative inground composting system, specifically designed for composting pet waste easily and hygienically. Simply partially bury the unit in the ground, add your dog poo (or other pet waste) and EnsoPet starter. The micro-organisms in the starter will break down the waste, eliminate smell and help remediate any pathogens in your pet waste.

The EnsoPet kit contains everything you need to start composting your pet's waste including an easy to assemble recycled plastic composter, a 1kg bag of EnsoPet Starter, a pair of tongs and full Instructions.

Pet waste breaks down in a matter of days in the EnsoPet unit, thanks to the quick action of the microbes. When the unit is full, just relocate it to another area of your yard and cover the previous location with soil. The pet waste in this first location will continue to break down and return nutrients to the soil profile.


What Types of Pet Poo Can the EnsoPet Pet Waste Composter Accept?

The EnsoPet Pet Waste Composting Kit easily and hygienically composts all pet waste, including dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig poo. 


How To Clean Up After Your Dog When On The Go

Rather than collecting your dog poo in the plastic black dog poo bags provided by Councils (that don’t break down in landfill by the way) and placing in a nearby bin, carry your own stash of Biobag Compostable Dog Waste Bags and pop the bag and contents into your EnsoPet Pet Waste Composter when you arrive home.  

Biobag Compostable Dog Waste Bags take as little as 10 days to break down in compost compared to over 100 years for regular plastic dog waste bags.


Where Can I Buy An EnsoPet Pet Waste Composter Kit and Biobag Compostable Pet Waste Bags?

At Sustainahome of course!

Click HERE to order yours!


Final Thoughts

There is no need to have buckets accumulating smelly dog poo in your yard.

By using an EnsoPet Pet Waste Composter, you can keep animal poo out of your rubbish bin (and our environment) and safely and hygienically build up the soil profile of your yard.

Laura Trotta
Laura Trotta

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